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About Yakushima

Yakushima is one of the Natural World Heritage in the world and has been since 1993. It is lush beauty, magnificent trees, and incredible moisture In Yakushima island.
Yakushima is absolutely inundated by moisture.It is Japan’s wettest place.people remark humorously that it rains 35 days of the month.

The Sugi of Yakushima are one of the island’s most populer with visitors. Yaku sugi are often over 1000 years old. The oldest Sugi called Jomon thought to be anywhere between 2000 and 7200 years old.

It is a mysterious ravine formed by moss that densely covers the rocks, trees that called Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine.There are strange looking trees dotted along the trails in the virgin forest, making you feel like you have wondered into a wonderland. Also, It is popular sightseeing spot.Okonodaki Falls The tallest Falls in South Kyushu with an 88m drop.

Particular interest are the Yakushika and Yaku monkey. Sea turtles also make their migratory home on Yakushima,You could watch sea turtle’s lay eggs.

It is very good experience to hike and sightseeing among the mist and moisture through the enormous ancient trees.

Hirauchi Kaichu Onsen Hot Spring is rare outdoor bath by the sea with hot spring gushing from between the rocks. The bath disappears under the sea at high tide. After hiking,Please relax in the rare hot springs.

Let’s discover attractive, mysterious places in Yakushima with our camper van !!

Yakushima Driving route is here

Good view point

Kigensugi cedar

It takes about 15 minutes from Yakusugi land.

Torooki-no-taki Waterfall

It takes about 10 minutes from Anbo town.

Senpiro-no-taki Waterfall

It takes about 25 minutes from Anbo town.

Onoma hot springs

It takes about 30 minutes from Anbo town.

Hirauchi Ocean Hot springs

It takes about 10 minutes from Onoma area.

Yudomari Hot springs

It takes about 15 minutes from Onoma area.

Nagata inakahama Beach

It takes about 50 minutes from Anbo town.

Seibu forest path

It takes an hour while Nagata to Kurio.

Oko-no-taki Waterfall

It takes about 5 minutes from Kurio.


It takes about an hour from Anbo town.

Nakama Banyan Tree

It takes about an hour from Anbo town.