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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do I pick up the campervan ?

We are operating at Anbo town in Yakushima.
We provide free delivery service within Anbo area ( Anbo port and accommodation in Anbo. ),Miyanoura port and Yakushima airport.

Q. Where do I return the campervan?

You can choice the return location from Anbo port, Miyanoura port and Yakushima airport.

Q. What is the cancellation charge?

If you cancel your booking in the 6 days before rental, we require the cancellation charge according to cancellation policy. Please refer to this page ( Cancellation policy ) : cancellation policy.

Q. What kind of driver's license do I need to rent a car in Japan?

International driver's license what is issued by Geneva convention (1949) is valid in Japan. Also please check license classes. B category is allowed to drive the car.
Driver's licenses issued in German, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Slovenia, Monaco or Taiwan must be able to simultaneously present a passport and a Japanese translation of driver’s license.
Please check the detail of the license : international driver's license
A Japanese translation of the driver's license must be issued by the respective country’s embassy or consulate in Japan or by the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) JAF web site.

Q. What kind of rental equipment do you have?

We prepare the rental equipment as blow.
Chair , Lamp , Table , Portable gas stove , Cookware ( Pot,Pans,Chopping board,Cutlery,Dishes,Can opener ). It costs 1,000JPY/ rental period.
Also we prepare the bedding according to your request. Bedding fee is 2,500JPY (during summer season ; 2,000JPY).
FM transmitter ,USB port and curtain are standard equipment.

Q. Do I Need Insurance to Rent a Car?

Obligatory insurance costs 1,000JPY per day ( 24 hours ). Please refer to this page : Insurance

Q. How can I return a car?

Please fill up the tank when you return the van. Thank you for your cooperation.